STUDY | Vol. 05 The Citrus Issue

STUDY | Vol. 05 The Citrus Issue


The fifth volume of STUDY : A single topic nature journal. Lovely imagery, yummy recipes and informative interviews provide practical ways to better appreciate and support the artisans and adventurers around us.

Our fifth issue celebrates that juicy citrus life. A playful photo essay by Emily Suzanne sets the stage for 28 pages of color, fun and citrus. We take a field trip to a California citrus grove. Join us as we play with our food with cotton candy connoisseur, Cloe Lane of Bon Puf; step inside the commercial kitchen with Chef Bryan Noury of Brooklyn's Cafe Colette. Get fancy in your own kitchen with a killer cake recipe from Sara Tso of Matchbox Kitchen, and the most refreshing cocktail you've ever had from The Artful Desperado. And of course there's always wisdom from Gram (ways to incorporate citrus into your every day cleaning, beauty, skin and love regimens... wink), as well as our favorite kiddie page yet designed by the talented Elizabeth Cole. Stories of nostalgic grapefruit breakfasts and a guide to break out of your comfort zone while shopping for citrus... you'll find it all in Volume 05, The Citrus Issue.

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