Our "creative community" is made up of folks that we have had the honor of knowing and/or working with. They are the cream of the crop, "Creatives" that are doing mighty fine work while being lovely human beings. Take a peek at those that we are thankful to know through short interviews! 

Treffry Caldwell // Pluma Jewelry
Treffry is a bright and lovely lady. We find great encouragement in the caffeine heavy conversations we have. She makes the most beautiful handmade, quality jewelry, full of geodes & gold…we can't help loving sparkly things. 

Hart & Honey got to spend a morning with her and her sweet daughter. We respect and love seeing the gentleness and love she has for her as well as the amazing support her husband gives her. 

Treffery Caldwell / Pluma Jewelry

tara clapper / no.41.org

Giles Clement // Tintyple Photographer
We have been following the adventures of Giles and his trusty travel buddy, Zeiss. He's taken his photography talents to the wide open road and we felt so lucky that our paths crossed. He is a talented tintype artist making damn good timeless portraits also a fantastic person to be around. It's a fascinating process and really quite thrilling to watch as the image develops.

tintype giles clement

Lisa Hackwith // Hackwith Design House
We've been following the work and lovely aesthetic of clothing designer Lisa Hackwith (Hackwith Design House), for a while now and are thrilled for the chance to know her a bit better. Creating no more than 25 pieces of a single design, Lisa and her team at HDH want to ensure that every article of clothing becomes the highlight of your closet.  Lisa does a beautiful job of maintaining a consistent brand while incorporating other creatives for custom boutique designs as well as her recent goods addition "Makers Alongside."  

**  photo credit :   Paul Vincent  .

**photo credit : Paul Vincent.

Amy Hamilton // Granville Millinery
We have so much love and respect for Amy Hamilton. She is one of the kindest souls we know. Amy makes hats! The highest quality, romantic and lovely hats. We have spent time photographing, talking shop and, yes, making hats, with her. She has so much wisdom and we are thankful for her friendship. 

She has built a life full of family and design…something that seems hard to do. We have been encouraged by her family-life-balance as well as her desire to make beautiful things.

amy hamilton / granville millinery company

Paul Hamilton // Painter 
Paul is an incredibility talented painter and teacher, oh and husband to Amy! Every time we see him we find out that he has more talents than knew off the last time we saw him. He has a really lovely outlook on the world and a kind, hard working soul. We are encouraged and inspired by his commitment to fine art, family and love of life.

paul hamilton / painter 

Rita Mehta // The American Edit
Rita is the brains and beauty behind the fantastic site, The American Edit, the style-minded map to Made in America. The American Edit features the best of the best American made brands and makers in women’s apparel and home decor. We hope you'll take some time to read her articles about good design or reach out to her if you're looking to grow your business on home turf!

Rita Mehta / American Made Activist

Rita Mehta / American Made Activist

Josh & Niki Quinn // Tigertree
Josh & Niki own a local shop, they have become friends to all of Columbus, including us! They are some of the most business savvy as well as creative folks we know. Their home is beautifully curated with their favorite finds and their sweet pups have enough personality to rule the block…we like a little sass.

We are encouraged by the way they engage our community, support local efforts and are fully invested in the growth of our city.

Josh & Niki / business & shop owners

Josh & Niki / business & shop owners

Nichole Redinger // Smartlee 
Nichole is a dear friend of Hart & Honey. We live life alongside each other, encourage each other when things are going well and help refocus when things aren't so great. Possibly on of the most well rounded artists we know we are eager to see her new business Smartlee take off and take over the world!

nichole redinger / weaver / Smartlee