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When Holidays Are Hard

Cue the music for It is indeed the most wonderful time of the year. Or is it? For some folks Christmastime means flying back to their hometown, warm fires, extravagant ham dinners and idyllic conversation. For other folks it means a few days of biting your tongue when someone brings up the presidential campaign and popping a few ibuprofen because your lucky spine drew the sleeper sofa. And yet, for others it can be a time of deep pain -- grieving the people or the relationships that can make these holidays so beautiful.

when holidays are hard

Deep inside each one of us is a longing for something meaningful -- and when those relationships are a little bruised or all that's left are memories, regardless of how sweet, the pain feels raw and all the more present. 

To those who are hurting this season we pray that you have space to grieve and time to heal. That you are surrounded by people who understand and support you. 

And to others, a reminder to be sensitive, to be gracious and to be kind. Let those near to you know that you care, that you know it can be hard season and that you love them. 

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