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The Dirt Issue DIY Round-Up

We've collected a few of our favorite dirty DIY's for your summer enjoyment. The perfect excuse to get your hands a little messy and bring the outdoors in. 

How great are these DIY seed packets from Almost Makes Perfect? What a great gift for housewarming party. 

STUDY | The Dirt Issue DIY Round-Up

This DIY Vertical Herb Garden would make a lovely and practical addition to any kitchen. 

DIY Leaf Backdrop from Almost Makes Perfect is the springy-est way to liven up an indoor space!

STUDY | The Dirt Issue DIY Round-Up

Ruth and I gave one of these DIY Clay Necklaces to every gal in our family for Mother's Day. 

STUDY | The Dirt Issue DIY Round-Up

Love this DIY eucalyptus wall hanging. These beauties could stay around all year long. 

STUDY | The DIrt Issue DIY Round Up

Be sure to snag your copy of The Dirt Issue  for more projects and yummy recipes!

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