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STUDY | The Sea Issue Contributors

We couldn't be more appreciative of all the fine folks who contributed to our second volume of STUDY. This issue is packed full of excellent photographs, delicious recipes, fabulous illustrations and captivating writing from talented individuals all around the globe. One of the unexpected advantages to putting together a printed piece like this is making connections and building new friendships. With collaboration dear to our hearts, this aspect has quickly become one of our favorite things about STUDY. Please take some time to explore more work from our friends below.

STUDY | The Sea Issue by Hart + Honey

Brittany Almquist / artist
Fiona Andersen / photographer
Keely Beasley / photographer
Kathryn Buncik / artist
Lisa Garner / artist
Benjamin Glass / poet
Natalie Hotaling / model
Beatrice Helman / photographer
Abby Hester / photographer
Julia Hembre / photographer
Talmadge Lowe / mixologist 


Brandon Lancaster / model
Kara Marnell / photographer
Jena Nardella / interview
Andrew Neyer / artist
JP Nickitas / model
Virginia Petitte / photographer
Claire Ragozzino / nutrition educator
Stephen + Jessica Rose / models
Sophia Solomon / model
Peter VanDerPuy / writer
Alicia White / photographer

STUDY | The Sea Issue by Hart+Honey

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STUDY | marbling paper tutorial

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