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HONEY 23 | Be Where You Are

In this digital media age of constantly creating new content, planning an editorial calendar, accepting submissions for STUDY months in advance and a rather sloppy attempt to keep a tidy house, the beauty of mindful living and feeling present can seem like a rare luxury. 

My little one just turned three and somehow this birthday more than the previous two seem like a bigger milestone - three seems so old, so big. I tip-toe into her bedroom at night and stare at her sleeping, her body stretched almost from head to toe of the bed. As she sleeps I feel a pain in my stomach, a longing to remember each and every moment with her. All the tiny-ness that remains. In those moments my rushing and scheduling during the day seems so silly and so futile. Then throw in Ashley's move across the country and welcoming a new baby. The desire to get settled and have a new home begin to feel familiar. 

mama and baby | hart+honey

Be where you are.

I whisper this phrase over and over with a big deep breath and graciously remind myself to enjoy the moment - even if it's ultimately part of a  process, a means to an end. It's good to look ahead and plan and be prepared (set aside time to do so), but let's not become so distracted that we miss the beauty of each moment. 

Quite often it's only after the moment has passed that we fully appreciate it and realize how lovely it was (sure, hindsight is often 20/20 and it's easy to forget the messy little things that might have distracted you in the moment), but what if we were completely aware of the beauty as it happened? How much more would we enjoy the little things and ingrain these experiences in our mind?

mama and baby | hart+honey
Happiness, knowledge not in another place, but this place, not for another hour, but this hour.
— Walt Whitman

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