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17 HART | How to Avoid the Last-Minute Panic

As we near the end of this year's first month -- work back in full swing, weekly schedules filling up and to-do lists growing and growing -- it's a good time to check-in with those goals we made and were so passionate about just three weeks ago. Commitments to keep firmer work hours or worry less require a specific game-plan to achieve. 

You know that sinking feeling when you realize that taxes are due next week, or the panic that sets in when your old laptop won't turn on and you can't remember the last time you backed-up the hard-drive (yes, this just happened to me 10 minutes ago)? 

Most likely, you've put it off until the last minute because it's not a super fun or exciting task. This year, I've blocked out an entire day once a month for such thrilling activities. A suggestion that seems easy enough, but I'll tell you from experience that it takes all my will-power to follow through.

How to avoid the last-minute panic by Hart+Honey

For me these tasks are often the 'business-y' side of owning a business that I don't much care for/am not very good at/makes me anxious to talk about. Such as : syncing all hard-drives, balancing income+receipts, spending QT with SEO, etc. And protect this day -- from appointments, last minute errands, from yourself. Treat it as a meeting with a very important client, something you can't reschedule, in order to fight the temptation of "doing it another day."

Power through it, schedule time for breaks (and edible rewards if need be), and keep in mind that when you've completed it, you're saving your future self from those unbecoming anxiety-filled moments. Go ahead, open up that calendar and reserve one day a month with unicorn stickers and glitter stars (any help we can get).

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