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HART 08 | Get It Done

HART 08 | Get It Done

We find ourselves two weeks into the New Year and if you're anything like me, a bit of the shine and endless possibility that comes with a fresh beginning is starting to look dull in the light of "back to work." If I could bottle up that feeling of anticipation and imminent [creative] world domination that comes at 11:56pm on December 31st, I absolutely would. And if you were kind to me I might share it.
Whether you make resolutions or simply head into the new calendar year with a giant to-do list, the following five simple steps are ones that we're taking ourselves in 2014.

1. Write It Down | this is the first step to making your goals come to fruition.

2. Ask "Why?" | When the motivation for a goal or project is clear, you're less likely to give up when the going gets tough or the inspiration just isn't there. Try to articulate your "why" in 2-3 sentences and write it beside the goal -- you might find this helpful to revisit from time to time.

3. Make Action Points | Break down your main goal into tiny pieces. For instance, if you want to give your website a make-over you'll need a new bio picture, updated client referrals, a fresh logo and add a "pin-it" button. Articulating each step can make a daunting task like "re-do website" seem more easily attainable and provide direction along the way.

4. Give Yourself Deadlines | Pull out that brand new calendar and mark challenging, yet realistic timelines to achieve each action point. Be intentional about setting aside time to evaluate what you've done and give yourself a high-five for getting there. If you find that deadline has quickly appeared and you haven't quite reached your goal, be gracious to yourself,  pull up those bootstraps and find ways to reignite your motivation.

5. Share It | In the same way that putting it on paper adds more value, sharing your goals with a close friend or creative partner can lead to constructive feedback and accountability.


What are some other steps you take to make those goals a reality? We'd love to hear how other creatives do it -- and are here to offer virtual high-fives all along the way! Here's to a wonderful year, friends.

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