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Freelance Fo' Life | or, Our Favorite Online Resources for Freelancers

Since we no longer share a physical studio space but maintain the collective via Skype meetings and endless text messages, we sat down to re-visit our intention for this blog. With a brick and mortar house we were able to invite people in, force large amounts of caffeine and baked goods in their face and have meaningful heart to hearts about being a freelance creative. Though now we're separated by two-thousand miles and an average of 40 degrees, our desire to encourage and sharpen one another remains the same. We'll continue with our monthly Hart and Honey features as well as our Creative Community interviews but are also excited to introduce a regular list of freelance resources and a bit more of the process behind our work. We believe that honestly, vulnerability and transparency yield good work and that our respective industries are strengthened when we build one another up.

So we'll kick things off by sharing a few of our favorite go-to online resources for encouragement, motivation, direction and inspiration.

hart & honey | photo by  Ben Derkin

hart & honey | photo by Ben Derkin

Grace Bonny is a leader in the creative industry and in our opinion has always maintained a lovely vulnerability while revolutionizing the blog world. We are regular listeners of her weekly podcast "After The Jump," and always learn something from her "Biz Ladies" column. In both series Grace features real people with real struggles doing big creative things.

Todd Henry, author of The Accidental Creative hosts a weekly podcast of the same name. Shorter in length, these single-topic shows are super digestible and always end with a practical call to action. If you're able to commit a bit more time, his books are two emoji-thumbs-up.

When writing and sharing content via multiple social platforms, we find ourselves constantly revisiting this helpful infographic.

The Lively Show is another great podcast (I'd venture to say geared more toward women, just FYI). Host Jess Lively encourages her listeners to live with intentionality in her interviews with some of the industry's leading creatives. And there's no rose colored glasses here; it's refreshing to listen as guests excuse themselves to calm a crying baby during the interview or list off the 37 jobs they held before finding their current success (holla' Jen Gotch!)

Every now and then we check in with Iconosquare to see how we can improve our Instagram lovin.' See statistics, manage comments and gather helpful feedback for your most popular posts.

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