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Simplifying Life - slowing down between the rushes

Simplifying Life - slowing down between the rushes

simplifying daily life

I've been reading various books on parenting, various books on being present and a handful of colorful cookbooks from around the world during nap time in our house. I've found that a common theme is sticking out to me and that is, "simplify".

It's not a new concept, but it's one that I fight the battle against daily. It's so hard to not get the new trend down, to not take more jobs on than I can handle, to say no to cooking a meal that will take far to long and miss out on how much I enjoy cooking because I've overwhelmed myself.

Am I alone? I've been reading Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist and this quote stuck with me like peanut butter to the roof of my mouth:

"Brave doesn't always include grand gestures...But the rush to scramble up onto platforms, to cross oceans, to be heard and seen and known sometimes comes at a cost, and sometimes the most beautiful things we do are invisible, unsexy."

When I overwhelm myself I miss out on the small pleasures in my daily life. The moments that keep me going and give me life. I'm sitting here saying no to the idea of going to get a special treat and then end up at the beach. The weather is perfect, it's quiet and there is a cool breeze flowing through the house...my mind is calm. Why would I leave and struggle through traffic during rush hour? When I strip away the "gotta go" mentality I am able to see that baking something with my little one sounds like a good fit for this Monday afternoon.

Simplifying is okay, (preaching to myself). It actually gives way for energy for those fun outings or the gatherings we host. I find myself being kinder to myself, my family and my friends if I can slow down between the rushes, refocus, and start over with a clear mind.


A few ideas I'm testing out:

  • Not looking at instagram the minute I get to sit down, picking up a book instead.
  • Making notes about how many full days I can handle before I'm snapping at my family or breaking down a little (truth).
  • Jotting down the encouraging lines I've read so I can reread them daily.
  • Music before TV.
  • Singing a short song before disciplining (got a 2 year old on my hands so this is on quarter hour).
  • Taking a slow breakfast, squeezing fresh orange juice daily.
Paprika Roasted Chicken Whole Legs

Paprika Roasted Chicken Whole Legs