Glad to have you here! Our hope is to inspire you to find beauty in the mundane and magic throughout your day!

ten tiny ways to cultivate beauty in your week

ten tiny ways to cultivate beauty in your week

in our utilitarian age where multitasking is celebrated and productivity is king we want to push back the temptation to assign worth and value and use to every living thing or experience and encourage one another to slow down, to simply consume and enjoy.  we believe there is great value in the pursuit of beauty. in the relishing of tasks and experiences that otherwise have no purpose or end goal. there does exist beauty for beauty's sake. and we've compiled a few ways to introduce more moments of it in your everyday. 

treat yourself to a couple of handmade mugs. we can tell you from personal experience that this makes your morning coffee taste even better. some of our favorite ceramicists :
ellen cline | a question of eagles | linda hsiao

write an old fashioned, handwritten, snail mail letter once a week. "you were on my mind" is all the reason you need.

keep a notebook by your bed and jot down 10 things you're thankful for each night. after a few times doing this you'll begin to notice that you're cultivating a greater sense of awareness and gratitude throughout your day.

get your hands dirty. whether than means kneading bread dough or finger painting with your toddler, there's nothing like a squishy tactile experience to reground you in this digital age.

sit down for breakfast. nothing says you're in a rush like eating breakfast on the go. even if it means starting your day a little earlier, enjoy your first meal at the table. it's good for your soul and your digestion.

check out a book of poetry from your local library. we love mary oliver, elizabeth bishop and for parents this book of collected poems, morning song. set your alarm for 10 minutes earlier than usual and begin your day with a poem or two. 

print out your recent iphone images. we're big advocates on tangible goodies and getting some nice prints of your favorite recent moments into your hands is another way to surround yourself with reminders of the beautiful moments in your life.

notice the light. be intentional about seeing which window it comes in first thing in the morning and the last one it escapes at night. how does the color of the room change? snap a photo when it most inspires you.

share a meal. invite someone over to try a new recipe or double what you're already making and drop it off to a buddy with a busy week. 

scent up the house. light a candle as you're getting ready for the day and enjoy it's lingering scents when you return home. (be sure to blow it out before you leave, obvi). we love anything from p.f. candle co. and these palo santo sticks. if you're not a candle person consider a homemade lavender or rosewater room spray (here's a recipe, just omit the salt+coconut oil).





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