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Current Events: Black Lives Matter

It's taken me awhile to get my thoughts together about such a difficult last week. Frankly my thoughts will always be a mess of grief, sadness, disbelief and a deep longing for justice. Lives, black and otherwise, were taken from this earth by force.

As a blog that focuses on food and community we feel a responsibly to speak on what our country is going through. Our community is hurting. I believe that you, our followers, are good, caring people so I write this as an encouragement...

I am as white as they come, I keep SPF 50 with me at all times. I don't know why I was born to European decedents or why my neighbor to African. I'm not here to pretend to know what it feels like to live in a country where I'm afraid to leave my home at night or fear for my life when I get pulled over. I'm writing from a perspective of love and mourning along side my friends; from a mother's perspective and from a friend of those raising young black children. I would also like to state that I'm not asking you to join the Black Lives Matter movement in full, but to recognize that there is truth to the injustice the black community is facing and to make change a reality. Here are a few more of my thoughts:

1. Education - I don't know where to start other than in my own home and in the community I call my own. I don't believe that we are born hating others, I believe that develops as a result of poor influences and sin. My goal as a mother, sister, daughter and friend is to openly discuss these things, to love and respect all the beauty God has created in his image. My promise is to pray for future generations, to educate my own household and to encourage a loving heart in my daughter. I cannot personally undo the decades of racism passed down, but I will take a stand in helping the next generation see each other as equal and beautiful and worthy.

2. "All Lives Matter" - I recognize the unfortunate battle that "all lives matter" has created, I get it, I also believe all lives matter: the unborn child, the abused, white, black, Asian, Middle Eastern. However, the situation we are immediately dealing with is simply bringing to attention the unfair treatment and deaths in the black community. So instead of feeling attacked and self focused may our hearts echo the call that "yes, black lives have value, dignity, and they do indeed matter." And until we can hold that truth up, our actions suggest otherwise.

3. Not all that Wear Blue are Corrupt - I'm so thankful for the protection police provide, for the most part they are reasonable, well trained folks. I believe that most of the protesters agree. I think we need to call it what it is, there are bad people out there and they should not be given power. Reform for protocol has to happen. I've listened to quite a few interviews with the Dallas Police Chief, David Brown, who happens to be black. He has taken so many intelligent steps to training his group to deescalate situations and care for the community well, which makes the shooting there even more tragic. He speaks from experience of loosing friends and family.

4. To Love - While I don't know much, I do know one thing, I want to be marked by love and compassion. That our first reaction is too easily finger pointing, but what if our first thoughts were to love those who are sad and afraid; our actions to grieve the lives that were lost alongside the family and friends who are mourning. 

5. To Grieve - The worst thing you can do in situations of grief is to ignore it. You don't have to have an answer or resolution, just acknowledging that our black brothers and sisters are hurting, that the families of those Dallas officers are mourning, recognizing the pain validates their hurt and lets them know that you're committed to their well-being, to their healing. Don't be silent. Text your black friends, bring them a meal, pray for their kids. Write a letter to your police officer cousin and let them know that they're on your mind.

If you have thoughts and need a place to share we are here for you. If you are confused by what is happening we have a few articles below that have been helpful to us.

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Interested in what the church is saying?

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Styling and Photography Workshop in Orange County, June 25th!

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