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Bar Basics | Liqueurs

Liqueurs are mysterious in character and expansive in variety. Produced in all corners of the world, many have a storied history. Most liqueurs are bottled at a much lower “proof” than liquors. These concoctions contain a wide variety of herbs, fruits, barks, spices, flowers, nuts and
more —most with recipes that are very much protected.

Some are very sweet (St. Germaine), herbal (Chartreuse), or bitter (Campari); many are citrus forward (Aperol) and others taste of menthol (Fernet Branca). Quite a few liqueurs stand alone and can be enjoyed as an aperitif (before meal) or as a digestif (after meal). Others are best suited for cocktails.

The most important rule for building your collection of liqueurs? Don’t stock anything you won’t drink.

home bar basics, liqueurs
home bar basics, liqueurs

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