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With the new year and a new season of life (each of us with young families and settling into a new state), Ashley + I took a time out to talk about our priorities and a practical direction for Hart & Honey. While we have deeply enjoyed the process of creating and curating a printed journal, we made the tough decision to put STUDY on hold which has freed up valuable time to spend with our families and focus more on our online content. 

We're going back to our roots, friends. Four years ago food is what brought us together and has been the common thread throughout our friendship and creative work. In that time, hospitality has taken many forms : long, leisurely backyard soirees, meals welcoming new babies, quick cola and saltine porch drop-offs when ill, potluck Thanksgiving dinners, bottomless mimosa brunches and countless reheated smorgeshboard leftover lunches. Life before kiddos was a bit more suitable for big lavish meals and bonfires late into the night. But we haven't abandoned eating together just because of the addition of littles nor given up on hospitality. We've just had to re-evaluate a bit.

hospitality | hart & honey
hospitality | hart & honey

Hospitality goes far beyond your pinterest party board and backyard twinkle lights. It's welcoming the unexpected, and making room for mess - your own and that of the folks that enter your space. It's not always lovely to the eye but often enriches the soul. Making room for the inconvenient and remembering over and over (and over) again that it's the people that matter most. We are told to love because we have been loved first. To encourage one another, build one another up, pray for each other and eat together. And in our experience, each of the former can take place while enjoying the later. 

The table is a place that invites, provides common ground, nourishes physically and emotionally. It gives people the chance to linger, share and relax. When we first met Ashley and her husband, Aaron, they were living in an adorable craftsman house with a galley kitchen alongside a quaint-sized living room. They opted to forgo the typical couch and t.v. setup in order to fill the space with one long dining table. For them, making room for folks to enjoy food and one another was the most important thing. 


But the quality of experience isn't restricted on the size or location of the table. My favorite memories of my grandmother all include food. With every arrival we were welcomed with fresh lemon pound cake. Her freezer was stocked with three soup options and the pantry in the garage was bursting with extras. Once a visit, we would set the alarm on the oven for 5:30am and waddle out the door for a beach sunrise knowing that a warm cafe beach-side breakfast awaited us. She could eat and linger with the best of them. And what a beautiful gift as a young girl, to sit across from someone who had nothing but time and love for me. No agenda, nowhere to where to be. Something to eat or drink always between us marking the space as a safe and comfortable one.

Mealtime is a chance to invite beauty into something we do multiple times every single day. A chance to practice creativity; a full body experience. Hospitality is defined as the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers. 

So in addition to more delicious, practical recipes to make your mealtime a bit more enjoyable, you can also expect rambling thoughts on making your home and heart a more ready place for the guests you welcome (sometimes spontaneously), and for the folks that live there, alike. We realize that hospitality goes beyond the table. It bleeds into your every moment, welcoming people (generously), in a myriad of ways and engaging in genuine conversation. It's about making room, sharing beauty and creating time. We're so glad you're here. 

hospitality | hart & honey

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