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Bar Basics | Equipment

We are starting another new series on the blog about building your home bar. It's been a popular trend and one that we have come to know well thanks to hosting often. Our goal is to demystify the cocktail and to simplify your approach. We want to help you figure out what you like, help you understand why you like it and ultimately make it easily accessible at home. Our hope is that this will translate into hosting parties and understanding what to serve to people based on their tastes.

The first section of the series is all about getting your bar set up, so let's talk about tools. Next will be glasses, spirits, bitters and vermouth with much more to follow. Feedback and questions are welcome. 

Our desire to simplify this project is a result of home experimentation, curiosity and a trial and error mentality - when encourage you to embark on the same.


setting up your home bar
setting up your home bar

Equipment (to get you going)

Cocktail shaker
Mixing Glass (don't have one, use a large glass or quart size ball jar)
Skinny Stirring Spoon
Measuring Spoons
Citrus Peeler
Paring Knife

Advice: don't buy it all at once. Only buy what you love when the opportunity strikes. The above tools took years to acquire.

Other Helpful Tools

Citrus Reamer or Juicer
Tea Ball or bags for infusing
Cocktail Picks, try looking for vintage ones at a flea market
Large Cube Ice Cube Tray

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