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HART 23 | Five Steps to Healthier Eating

I have been draggggging lately. I'm sure it's a combination of things like this week of 100+degree weather, not enough physical activity and my seemingly endless cycle of coffee refill after coffee refill.  I'm certain that my family and my home are getting the leftovers and that's just not fair - nor does there feel like there's very much left over to even give. 

So this week I'm taking the following baby steps towards a healthier, more intentional lifestyle. Since what we eat has such a huge effect on our energy levels, how we sleep and even our hormones, I'm sharing five food-centric alterations I'll be making this week in effort to boost energy and optimize my health again. Wish me luck. 

five steps to healthier food lifestyle

1. EAT before coffee. Instead of a jolt of caffeine, feed your body nutrients and protein to kick off the day emoji-muscle-arm-flex strong.

2. Lunch should be the biggest meal of the day. 

3. Don't drink on the weeknights. I know, I know. But it takes our bodies so long to process alcohol that we feel the effects well into the next day. When I abstain through the week I wake up more alert and energized. 

4. Choose your produce wisely. We can't all afford to buy organic all the time. Know which fruits and vegetable are most important to buy organic (like apples and berries), and prioritize your shopping list accordingly. 

5. Shop a little bit, more often.  This helps to ensure that you shop smart, buying only what you need and not impulse-buying. It means more trips to the store and a bit more planning ahead but hopefully less waste, better meals and fresher foods.

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