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5 Ways to Kick That Afternoon Slump | That Freelance Life

What's your slump time? You know, the time of day when you're working hard, working hard, and then BOOM... anyone see a bed I could borrow? Oh, you work out of your home and the bed is literally three steps away? #recipefordisaster

2pm has always been my sleepy time but when I'm working at home with Ruth, that lands just in the middle of her nap-time and it's crucial that I maximize those quiet hours each day. So today  we're sharing our five favorite ways to WAKE up. It's like a slap in the face but more fun.

sea salt hair spray by hart+honey

1. Rose Water Face Mist
We used this rose water to concoct a sea salt hair spray for the Sea Issue of STUDY. Follow the same directions but omit the sea salt and coconut oil, and keep on your desk to lightly spritz your face as your eyes start to droop. So refreshing!

2. Down, Dog
This is my favorite 15 minute yoga routine which is especially beneficial after sitting at a desk all day.

3. Drink Up.
Throw some vitamins and anti-oxidants in that body! This green-tea pomegranate chia drink is tasty way to snag a boost of energy.

pomegranate grean tea chia drink

4. Schedule Around It
I like crossing the most important tasks off of my to-do list first thing in the morning (regardless of how much/little fun they are). Once those are complete, I chunk my errands into the afternoon spot (just after lunch to avoid that rush). Getting out the house and changing the scenery can wake you up in no time!

5. Dance It Out.
Before we ventured out on our cross-country road trip last summer, we each added to what became a 534-song spotify playlist. Since then we've cleaned it up a bit and have a pretty great work-friendly, dance-encouraging collection of summer songs. And we like to share.


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