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5 Steps to a Perfect Picnic

5 Steps to a perfect picnic /  hart & honey

1. Destination. Pick a location you've been wanting to explore, for us we happened to be in Washington state so we chose to take a ferry and explore an island!

2. Explore a New Market. Is there a great farmer's market near by or a butcher shop you've been wanting to try, go check it out! We found ourselves close to the Seattle Public Market and ended up getting the best smoked salmon we've ever had. 

3. Meal Planning. Choose things that create a special meal while being low maintenance. Meat that doesn't need cooked, cheese that you can cut with a pocket knife. Fruits and veggies that can be eaten by hand and eaten raw. Our meal consisted of smoked salmon, cheese, salami, cherries, carrots, fresh bread, fig jam and a small bottle of rose wine!

4. Relax. Once you get there, take time to relax. Try to avoid a crowded area so you don't feel rushed out. 

5. Walk it off. Go explore your new destination! Consider picking up a few tokens to remind you of your simple get away. We still keep a collection of black and white rocks from our beach walk on our desks! 

5 Steps to a perfect picnic /  hart & honey
5 Steps to a perfect picnic /  hart & honey
5 Steps to a perfect picnic /  hart & honey

5 Steps to a perfect picnic / hart & honey

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