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HONEY 22 | Support Systems

I believe that behind most greats there is a killer support system. When you feel connected to those you love and confident in being exactly who you are you are freed up to work hard and release what is in your heart. Depending on your personality type that might even just look like taking time alone, there is no right or wrong within this idea of support systems, it's about finding what balance looks like to you.

We talk about this a lot at Hart & Honey. When home life gets a fair amount of attention then work becomes a place of joy and productivity. We both really enjoy our work, we have gift and talents that should be put to use, but in order to do that well we need other aspects of our lives to feel cared for. Learning to make time for those you love and even those tasks (laundry) that you hate is important to keep a healthy balance and prevent burn out. 

In order for our work to be good and enjoyable we've recognized one really important place that can't be neglected and that is our support system. For both of us that includes family, friends, church and other creatives that inspire and encourage us. Head down in our work all day results in stress and wasted time and strategies. When time is scheduled well, there is a really special balance that occurs. One that cannot be replaced. Not that stress disappears but there is a fullness and refreshed heart that makes way for really exciting time spent in our work.

In my recent prenatal yoga class we wrote down few questions to come back to often and it has been really helpful. I thought a list regarding balance would be a helpful reminder for all of us, feel free to download it, print it or make your own! 

How do you feel about balance? Does it look different week to week, year to year? What are red flags for you that you need to step back and reprioritize? Who or what in your life leaves you feel rejuvenated? Does anything need to change right now? (click below for a downloadable list!)

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