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HART 20 | teamwork

I don't know about you but I hated working in groups for school projects. I felt like I was the one who always took on more work. The idea of freelancing and being independently responsible for each project is really intriguing to be for this reason. However, as I get older, and maybe a tiny bit wiser, I am recognizing that I just can't do it all, also I'm just not good at it all...and that's okay!

When Lily and I started collaborating we each had our own role and stuck to it. I cooked & plated, she photographed. However, the minute we started to talk through what I saw versus what the camera saw we started to have opinions, eeeekkkk! We had opinions and yet great respect for one another's point of view. Guess what, our work got better because of it. 

My view on teamwork has drastically changed. A little debate is healthy and encourages you to learn and grow! I can say this because our partnership has roles, it has developed conflict management and it has grace. Finding the right team is important, here is a short checklist to think through:

1. How well do you know each other?

2. Have you had bad days and still gotten along after?

3. Do you know how well the other(s) handle stress in the work place?

4. Do you have the same priorities or respect the other's if it is different? aka family time, exercise, rest, vacation

5. Do you have the same expectations for your work? This includes process, turn around time, value etc. 

6. Do you understand what each of you is best at, do your skills compliment one another?

Partnerships can be an amazing opportunity to grow as an artist and as an individual. We'd love to hear your stories & encouragements about your work partners! Email us hartandhoney@icloud.com

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