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HART 22 | Priorities: when business has to take a backseat

When business has to take a backseat is a really tough topic to tackle. It makes me cringe a little. When you are your own boss, and taking time off is a matter of money and momentum it can be a really difficult decision. There can be various reasons in our lives that force us to take a step back and allow our priorities to reset for a moment. It can look like life altering changes, good or bad, or even just a good vacation for you to disconnect. 

Taking time off can be a really good thing for your work. It's good to take time to get things in order so you can come back stronger. Sometimes that is just giving your mind a break, other times it's learning how to do home life differently so you can make time and be energized for everything that needs a little piece of your day. 

At this time I am gearing up to have my first baby (I'm writing my post ahead of time, see note #1) and will be taking time off to learn how to be a momma. As I have processed the adjustments that will need to happen as this little one joins the world I've kept a few notes I thought might be helpful. 

1. Make Checklists!
Lists for personal and business to-dos leading up to your time off. Categorize the items as things that you can prep (like blog posts and social media posts), and discussions that need to happen before your time off (like giving clients a heads up and letting them know when you plan to return). With every item you check off your list the stress slowly melts away. 

2. Make a Schedule
With all of your lists now in hand, put them on the calendar so you make sure to get things done over a period of time that allows you to enjoy your daily work and life and not have 2 weeks of high stress. Prioritize your list and start with the big things first. 

3. Give Yourself Grace
You might not get it all done, sometimes that is okay. I'm sitting here writing while 3 weeks away from my due date, if the baby comes early there is nothing I can do but enjoy. A support system that will remind you that it is okay to take time for yourself can be a really helpful tool in keeping your mind on track. 

Whether you get time off for vacation or for various other reasons I hope it is restorative to your soul and your creative endeavors! 

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