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STUDY / The Dirt Issue

It's here! Our forth volume of STUDY : The Dirt Issue. With beautiful imagery, adventurous story-telling and delicious recipes for you foodies out there, we guarantee these pages will excite your senses as we delve deep into the warm season ahead. We hope each story encourages you to take advantage of the spring days and offers new perspective as you pour a little caffeine into your favorite mug. You'll just love the individuals featured in this issue. To borrow from our editor letter : 

"...As the earth warms and blossoms forth, listen as it beckons you back to itself. Get out. Get lost in time, in your thoughts, or maybe even literally. Get dirty. Let it comfort you, provide for you. Allow it’s adventure to woo you back to those mythologies: from dust we came, to dust will we return. Take your shoes off and stick your toes in."

You can purchase your own copy of the The Dirt Issue or sign up for a year's subscription. Already have the issue in your hands? We'd love to see it! Share your adventures with #hhstudy and #TheDirtlssue.

The Dirt Issue by Hart+Honey
The Dirt Issue by Hart+Honey

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