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HONEY 20 | rest

Rest, a word that once was used for the weak and now is held up in on a pedestal in the "work-life-balance" arena. I've wrestled with this idea because I fall in the first category, my brain was trained to see it as a flaw in my character. However, as I get older and a tiny bit wiser, I am seeing how it benefits family life, interactions with friends, the avoidance of burnout with work and how it allows the creative side of my brain to recharge and not just crank out poor work. Rest refuels the spirit.

When I speak to rest there are a few ways to incorporate it throughout the year:

1. Good Sleep
 Such a hard thing to make happen! Here are a few tips: take your attention away from you tv, your laptop and your phone 2 hours before bed. The light from the screen stimulates your brain to thinking it's day time. Instead play cards, read a book or magazine or take a bath. Drink a cup of tea, paint your nails, journal, just relax and allow your mind to step away from work. 

2. Rest your Mind
Midday I hit a slump, especially now that I'm pregnant. This is the time of day when the work that is produced normally ends up getting trashed. The is when you need to rest by recharging. Coffee break or quick walk with a co-worker, errands around town, switching locations, having a snack while catching up on Instagram, or a midday workout all are great ways to allow your brain to rest from what it was doing and come back cleared.

3. Vacation
Vacations are hard to fit in. It never seems like there is a break in work long enough. The trick is just putting it on the calendar so you can wrap up current projects and then restart a week later on new. It can get stressful leading up but the payoff is huge. It really takes a full week to allow your mind to relax. You start out stimulated, and then finally let down midweek until you finally are resting, mind and body. If you're planning a staycation set some boundaries with your email and computer, let clients and friends know your "on vacation", give yourself grace to eat out, sleep in, let the house get a little messy. Whatever you do, put that "out of office" email on! 

This week the H&H team is taking a rest with our families, it was a hard decision but also so so good. Leading up to releasing each issue of STUDY is a lot of late nights and sacrifices, which we do not mind, it brings us back to our art school days. However, we've learned that there needs to be a recovery period, however, that time frame needs to make sense for deadlines which is why we chose to take care of ourselves while the issue is at the printers, nothing we can do but sit and wait...or vacation and wait!

So here is to resting so that we can do life well!



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