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HART 19 | The Importance of Risk-Taking

As you may know, Ashley and her husband are making the cross country move from Ohio to California (note: this is not an April Fools joke!). While excitement abounds, there are of course the bittersweets that come with a big life transition, especially when it means leaving behind such a genuine community. Last night, we sat chatting with our friends Art+Reika (also Ohio transplants), in their new L.A. apartment, reminiscing about the first time we saw each other -- our first impressions (each assuming we were too cool for the other, a thought which makes us snort-laugh which obviously gives validation to that thought....), and how bizarre and wonderful it is that since those initial moments we've developed a beautiful and lasting friendship which we now have the pleasure of continuing on the West Coast.

our #bestworstroadtrip from Ohio to California

our #bestworstroadtrip from Ohio to California

And while life in Los Angeles is far from clean and perfect, it's full of excitement and anticipation. There are really invigorating days when you're working toward your creative goals alongside thousands of other motivated people and rather low days when it seems you'll never make progress because thousands of other motivated people are pursuing the same goals... It can be enough to make you want to clock-in with other 9-5ers and opt for something more "stable."

It's on the rough days that it's helpful to stop and remember the risks we have taken and the beauty that has resulted. Hart & Honey would never exist without a few risks. We got a cup of coffee together. We did some trial work together. We began a collective. We shared studio space. We invited other creatives to meet on a regular basis. We put ourselves out there over and over and did our best to remain honest and genuine. We submitted work. We hosted two pop-up shops. We started a print publication. We moved/are moving cross-country with our families and plan on continuing our respective and joint ventures. And in between each victory were a lot of bumps and some tears and quite a few curse words.

from our first shoot together

from our first shoot together

Few strides are ever made without risk. If you're feeling stuck, consider taking a risk to shake things up. Get out and do something uncomfortable (it doesn't have to be huge). Reach out to a fellow creative. Plan a collaborative photo shoot. Email five people in your field and initiate a group hang. Set aside one morning to sit in a museum and sketch. Share your work. Share your ideas. Ask for help. You may not reap the benefits immediately but you will learn new things and meet new people and probably make more mistakes. But you'll also go to bed knowing you tried it.

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