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18 HONEY | Create the things you wish existed

Just for a moment let's go back to your studio at art school and remember the feeling when you realized that you could create anything you wanted. The freedom to try and fail and experiment and the opportunity to give your passion a voice. 

Fast forward a few years and the try-and-fail method proves to be more frustrating as time is now associated with money and paying bills and having food on the table is dependent upon your doing something to generate income. While we count ourselves blessed to be pursuing our interests and utilizing our skills, there are days when the work feels less like creating and more like another task.

But this is when it's so important to remember the things that you love and be intentional about carving out space to create them. Let go of creating for others, embrace the idea of making work that no one will see, immerse yourself in the process. When we take time to be creative for creative's sake, it refreshes our mind and revitalizes our work, oftentimes presenting new opportunities.  

art without passion is simply a project | hart & honey

Art without passion is simply a project. What is the world lacking? Beauty, philosophy, humor, sincerity, stillness, confrontation? Your unique point of view and your passions exists for a purpose -- ask yourself what you love, what brings you happiness, what you desire to cultivate in others and pursue that. These things might not pay the bills (at least not right away), but can re-awaken the passion so necessary for creating meaning in your other work.

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