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5 Elements of a Great Party

5 Tips for Hosting

Tis' the season for hosting friends, family and even acquaintances. Hosting comes naturally to some, to others it can be a struggle. The important thing is to make sure you get to enjoy the fabulous party you plan! There is a balance between creating an enjoyable evening for friends while enjoying the evening yourself. We want to help you have the best holidays possible so here are a couple tips that should help you attempt both!


1. SIZE Think about the size of space you will have, fill it, but don't over fill it. Keeping your group a manageable size is very important. Consider:

  • Cost: You want to treat your guests well without over extending yourself financially. 
  • Time: Consider how much time you want to visit with each guest. 
  • Preparation: What can you realistically manage preparing for the number of people invited? 


2. MUSIC Hosting a brunch for your girlfriends will require a much different playlist than an paella party in the back yard. It's important to create an experience using all senses. Thanksgiving can be a tricky one. We'll be publishing a playlist we created next week that is not only festive but also won't (shouldn't) offend anyone in the mixed group. 


3. FOOD ( +  food allergies )

Food allergies are becoming more widely accepted, if restaurants are adjusting, so should a good host. If you don't already know, reach out to your guests individually. Be prepared to create a meal that is appropriate for all types of allergies.


4. ENVIRONMENT Here are a few things to think through 

  • Are you hoping for easy conversation? Consider hor d'ouvres and drinks in different rooms, forcing people to walk around.
  • Is there a place for kids to play?
  • Is there enough comfortable seating
  • Is there an appropriate place for nursing mothers? 
  • Are trash cans easily accessible?
  • Is the bathroom well stocked?


5. HAVE A PLAN Good planning relieves stressI can't stress this enough. Make those lists!

  • Grocery list
  • Food Schedule: What can be made ahead of time: the day before up to the hour before? 
  • Clean the house (or have it cleaned) ahead of time and then do a quick pick up the night before. 
  • Pull out your serving dishes the night before

*NOTE // If your guests offer to bring something, graciously accept. A good host can do it all, but a gracious host invites people to participate in the experience.

Have fun! Enjoy your company, the weather and the amazing food you've prepared!

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