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Taking a break from your work can be so good but also a little tough to get back into the swing of things. Whether time off is marked by a vacation or something as big as maternity leave (my current status), you get to disconnect and in some cases come back with more responsibilities to juggle alongside work. The struggle to jump back in full force can be confusing until you can find your groove again. 

* this also applies if you feel like you're just in a rut 

1. Rethink Your Routine
Time away can be a useful "reset".  Life as you left it might have been organized just fine, but as you have the opportunity to step back it allows room to see how to make things better. Thinking through your daily schedule can be a really useful tool to get you excited about the tasks ahead and also potentially make your days more efficient. 

2. Learn (or refine) a New Skill
This can get you really excited about new projects ahead. When you get a new sweater, you want to wear it, like now, even when it's 90 degrees outside. Take a class, an online course, read up or meet with a mentor. Recharge your toolbox and your brain and get excited about work again!

3. Get to Work
The best way to be inspired is to get at it. Looking at social media is great but working through your own process is even better. The more you work on a project the closer you get to achieving the objective. Try new colors, work through a tricky layout, rewrite your column a few times! First drafts are rarely final pieces. 


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