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freelance fo' life | A checklist

I've been listening to a lot of DesignSponge podcasts and reading Amy Poehler's book, Yes Please, as 2014 passed and 2015 began. When you work for yourself it is so important to believe in what you are doing and be proud of what you are offering the world, and man, these ladies do. As I gleaned wisdom from Grace (+ her interviewees) & Amy, I reviewed my own business and realized how easy it is to veer off from what you had originally desired. Here are a few questions that I think are important to ask yourself quarterly in order to keep yourself on trace:

1. Am I finding value in my product/service, do I think others will? Being proud of your work ethic, your customer service and your final product will give you fuel to keep going.

2. Am I pursuing my  short term & long term goals? Both are important.  Write these down so you can reference them often.

3. Am I being consistent with my quality of work? If not, how do I change that?

4. Am I having growing pains? Growing pains can be a good sign and an opportunity to get better by problem solving.

5. Do I know my own strengths and am I willing to be humble and ask for help in other areas?

6. Am I curating (being picky) about what clients I agree to work for? If you can't afford to be picky (we've all been there) then be picky with what work you show in your portfolio. Show the work you love, the right clients will find you if you're showing similar work to what they desire. 

7. Am I being true to who I am or am I conforming? I now know that my work and my personal life will always be more enjoyable and more successful if I am true to who I am...being you should come naturally, what is better than that?

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