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things we love right now

iPhone photo by Ashley: Olive and June

iPhone photo by Ashley: Olive and June

What's exciting us right now... well since you asked:

We can't get enough of this color of nail polish, and plan on trying this gloss on matte look during our next manicure at Olive & June

We have been dreaming of patterns and textiles and hope to someday go to Mali to watch mud cloth being made. Speaking of, we love traveling...maybe that should be our new business goal, make something that allows us to travel often!

Oh, what's that, you want a few traveling nuggets of knowledge. Well okay then. When love using AirBNB or Tablet Hotels when trying to find a great place to stay. In order to get there Timuk2 has a trusty co-pilot bag that has held up over 5 years of heavy traveling and still is in one piece. I'm hooked...oh and it's on sale right now. Thanks to winter and germs this always gets sprayed all over my plane seat and tray... smells great too!

While on the topic of smells this perfume and this wood are invading every corner of our lives and we love it.

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