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HART 14 | makin' lists

Sneak Peek at the "Make" section of the Sea issue of S T U D Y: Marbling paper, image by  Keely Beasley

Sneak Peek at the "Make" section of the Sea issue of S T U D Y: Marbling paper, image by Keely Beasley

Right now I have a killer long list of things that need to get done. Work and home life alike. The moment when I get to check something off the list brings so much relief and joy to me. I'm writing this post as a reminder to me and will hopefully be helpful to you. 

Working from home is tough because there are so many distractions, aka the huge laundry pile staring at me. Also as a freelancer, I deal with so many different clients and am hopping back and forth on projects to get it all done. I've learned that lists are the best way for me to prioritize and make sure nothing gets forgotten. If you don't use them consider it. A couple extra ideas/tips below for managing responsibilities:

1. Blending email and laundry time is really tough when you work from home. Try to keep a work and personal list. Carve out your work time and only focus on that list. Then when that chunk of your day is over, swap lists and only focus on your personal life.

2. If you have a big task with multiple parts write all of those pieces down separately and check them off as well. 

3. Visual. Sometimes my list is made on post-it notes so I can rip one down when it's done. It feels so good to literally see the list disappear. 

4. Cheer yourself on; create a motivation. If there is an exercise class, a tv show or even a glass of wine that sounds really nice to you then give yourself a goal and when the work day is over reward yourself with. 

Now that I've just made this list for you, I'm off to make a few lists of my own.

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