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HONEY 15 | seasons

This post is as much a practice in accountability for myself as it is an exhortation to you. Moving cross-country with a hard-working husband, a two year old and my own business has proved to be no easy task. We don't see much of each other and an unpredictable schedule makes networking a bit tricky. Not to mention that we left behind the dearest community we've ever known. Even with the knowledge that these things take time and The Byrds Turn Turn Turn on repeat in my head, to be quite honest, I've had more low days than high and I find myself wishing for days ahead. For when his schedule will be better, when Ruth can play by herself more, when I've got consistent work again… but this morning I realized that my longing for things to come was simultaneously wishing away the present. Something that makes me cringe, especially as a mamma.

Hart + Honey |  Seasons  

What a gift that we get to witness the earth physically change every few months. A reminder that seasons are natural, beautiful and each has something unique to offer. The chill helps us appreciate the sun; trees shed their leaves in a rainbow of colors only to return with vibrant blossoms months later. Each season has it's obstacles; hard times help us appreciate the sweet ones. There's something to learn from each.

Today I made a list of the unique opportunities and situations that this particular season offers to me personally and to our family. What a blessing that for a while at least, I've got quite the flexible work schedule to enjoy Ruth at this fun age -- we can explore our new city together, go to the beach as a family, take advantage of the city's countless farmer's markets. Regardless of whether your current season is a sweet or particularly tough one, making such a list can remind us to live in the present; to be aware and thankful rather than distracted and bitter. This isn't to say you should focus only on the good -- there is indeed a time to mourn, a time to dance, a time to cry. It's healthy to acknowledge your emotions and allow space to address them. Don't rush your season; be empathetic to the seasons of others. And take heart.

Hart + Honey |  Seasons

One of my favorite books is by Ann Voskamp : One Thousand Gifts : A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are. Ann noticed a big perspective change when she started being thankful for even the smallest beauties around her. 

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