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S T U D Y | VOL. 02 the Sea Issue

We're thrilled to announce the release of the Sea Issue, our second volume of STUDY! The format has changed ever so slightly to reflect our original intent for the journal which was to be consumed and enjoyed together. Remember sitting around the breakfast table where newspaper pages got passed around, giggling at the comic stories (whether you really got the joke or not), while your dad read the important articles? Or receiving a special card in the mail from your Grandma with a $5 bill and the newspaper clipping about your 4-H honorable mention? Well we love the way that a paper can bring people together; bring people to mind as you cut out a recipe or bring stories to your imagination, exposing you to new adventures. And so we've utilized a paper and a format that we think encourages consumption and sharing.

STUDY by Hart & Honey  The Sea Issue

STUDY by Hart & Honey The Sea Issue

Our original desire for the magazine remains the same : We hope digesting this information is a lovely experience but if the magazine is torn to pieces by the end of the day, we'd count that as a success, too.

Montenegro, image by Alicia White

Montenegro, image by Alicia White

So as the season starts to change we hope you enjoy the ocean for it's beauty apart from summer. If the sea is nearby, don't shy away during chillier times but rather take advantage of a more solitude environment. Should you find yourself some distance from the sea, may these pages bring you warmth and excitement as you anticipate the next time you stick your toes in the sand. 

STUDY by Hart & Honey |   The Sea Issue

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STUDY by Hart & Honey |  The Sea Issue

Have an idea, story, illustration, recipe or technique you'd like to submit for VOL. 3, The Wool Issue, please write to us hartandhoney@icloud.com.

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