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honey 14 | combating insecurities

Image by Lily Glass from our upcoming issue of S T U D Y : the sea

Image by Lily Glass from our upcoming issue of S T U D Y : the sea

I've been reading through a book that I've read before, but each time it stops me in my tracks. The most recent chapter discussed virtue: true versus common. Common virtue basically means you do good things just because you the world tells you to or out of fear of consequences. True virtue speaks to heart's motivation behind our action being an outpouring of love and awe. 

As the discussion got deeper I realized it isn't just our actions but even our thoughts that are effected by this concept. Daily I have a moment where I feel not good enough as a designer, where I fear that all my ideas will be taken before I can publish them, or even where I look at someone else's work that is lovely but I feel jealous instead of celebratory for their talent. What is this? I started picking it apart and realized at the very bottom it's insecurity. But how do we combat that?

It's hard right? You open pinterest and immediately hold your breath as you see how much lovely work is being produced. Insecurity is just my pride being hurt and being prideful is not a lovely quality at all, is it?  These are the steps which we have been taking to combat insecurities and pridefulness:

1. Recognition
We have to first realize that what we are feeling is insecurity when it rears it ugly head.

2. Accountability
We both have the same goal, so we are safe to come to one another and talk about feeling a certain way. Sometimes just saying it aloud helps to get us back on track. We have a sweet chance to speak into one another's lives and be reminded of who we are and what we hope to accomplish, both in work and life. There is a heart moment of repentance as we see how silly we can be and that leads to a clear mind.

3. Perspective
Seeing the beauty! After our hearts are reset, our new perspective is generally amazement: amazement at how many truly talented people we have to stand along side with and how many we have to look up to. Art & design is taking such a huge stride right now and we get to be apart of that, how amazing! 

As Hart & Honey we want to put relationships & truly good work first, payment second. We want to bolster other creatives doing good work, we want to keep our heads down and avoid comparing ourselves, we want to be able to truly engage with our clients and get to really know their stories. And, to be women who display true virtue daily. 

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