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HONEY 13 | a reminder

Our recent transition has left both Ashley and I office-less and re-learning how to work out of the home. While at first it might seem like a step backwards, I don't think either of us see the situation as such. Rather, we are beyond grateful for the physical studio space that for a year provided opportunity and pushed us creatively. Like anything worth doing, there were challenging moments as we learned how to share space, split bills, communicate genuinely and gracefully and build a welcoming community to other creatives. This next season the creative push manifests itself in managing a trans-continental friend-work-ship.

the painted desert | hart + honey collective

We still have weekly meetings (thanks, Skype), which are proving to be über efficient and are excited for the folks and opportunities a new region has already introduced to us.  When tweaking a new routine it's easy to feel the weight of every minute not working/creating/networking is a minute lost but don't forget about the other aspects of your life -- your family, kiddos, community (old and new), and personal well-being -- that help create a physically and emotionally healthier you. 

And so in the messiness of adjustment, a reminder for us just as much as you : to remember your priorities and to hang in there. One step at a time. A trip to Ikea for organizational goods -- that's a win. Meeting another photographer in a giant creative city, also a win. Be encouraged by the tiny steps and keep in mind that you are enjoying a rare gift to do the work that you love. And ultimately, that the city in which you live does not merely exist for the advancement of your craft or career, but is ultimately full of people for you to know and to love. It's so easy to view people as means to an end, but may we be intentional and generous with our time as precious and messy as it is. And don't go too fast that you miss the adventure - as a dear friend encouraged us this morning : cherish these moments even in the messy. xo

m i d / W E S T / c o a s t

m i d / W E S T / c o a s t