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HART 11 | changing our perspective

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I am just going to call it as it is. Change is hard! I love change but it always comes with mixed emotions. Changing our perspective is even harder. 

We took a walk with a friend last week. It was early, the temperature was just right, and the scenery lent itself to peaceful hearts. As we walked we began to talk about how hard it is to change our hearts. Let me be clear, I'm not talking about changing into someone you aren't, instead, small changes that allow us to be more gentle as we interact with others. 

In the middle of busyness I tend to make more mistake; I let my emotions (not my mind) take the lead. It takes moments like a peaceful walk or even folding laundry to reflect on how I handled a situation. As we discussed the importance of reflection with our sweet friend we realized that each chance we get to reflect allows us the opportunity to be even the slightest bit different as we handle a similar situation the next time around. Hopefully small changes can lead us to even bigger changes down the road. 

Whether conflict, working through a competitive heart or even learning how to humbly celebrate, I believe reflection can be a valuable tool. 

A couple points of perspective that Hart & Honey tries to "baby step" towards as a team:

1 / Champion Encouragement over Jealousy
We want to be encouraging of other creatives doing good work. In this day of social media it's too easy to get instantly jealous, to get defensive and even bitter. We try to encourage good work and be encouraged that there are other great artists in this world. (**we aren't talking about copying work, if your work has been copied that is a whole different ball game.)

2 / Protect What Matters
Our families, our friends and the integrity of our work are held at a high standard. We mark out time to be with those we love, and do our best to respect that. We also hold each other accountable to producing work that is true to our style. It is inevitable that we will be influenced by the trends, it's how "art movements" work, however, we want to produce honest, good work. Work that we believe is consistent with our style and comes from deep within us.

3 / Be Honest, Be Loving
We have the privilege of critiquing and encouraging each other's work. This means that our work should only get better. My mother always said, "It's not what you say, it's how you say it". Our goal is to help each other be the best we can be, we rely on each other to be honest but loving?  

4 / Say Sorry
I had to do this one just last night. Humbleness hurts. This goes for internal as well as client based relationships. Sometimes we make mistakes, as we reflect, the best thing to do is to call it like it is. E.g.  If I screwed up, I want to learn from it and be better next time. If I messed up a file for a client, I want the client to be able to trust me the next time around, right? Then be honest about where the fault is to be blamed, ask forgiveness and move forward.   

Changing our hearts and perspective is one of the toughest things, hands down, but the results can be so rewarding, can grow a business and can improve relationships overall. 

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