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S T U D Y... is now available

STUDY by Hart + Honey | A Single Topic Nature Journal

The past 6 months we've been working a special project that we are thrilled to announce is now for sale. S T U D Y is a single topic, nature journal. In each issue you can expect to find a photo essay / recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and cocktails / holistic remedies / interview or artist feature / kids activity page / call to actions / lovely product and a note from someone's grandma. 

Our hope is that STUDY will bring a household together, whether it's Saturday morning with friends over a couple of bloody marys or in the backyard watching the kids run around, we hope that everyone can find a piece of this journal to connect with. 

We will be hosting giveaways throughout this month so be sure to check back on the blog and on Instagram for details.

Issue 1 /  is on Bees and all things honey. (it releases today friends!!) For sale here.

Issue 2 / will be on water, set to release in September 2014. 

Issue 3 / will be on wool, set to release in January 2015.

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