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Giveaways Galore!

Some of you have already seen on Instagram that we've been working on a single topic nature based journal called STUDY!  The concept began when we took a simple trip to a friend's bee farm, we were looking for an adventure that day, a chance to photograph and work on something that isn't our daily work, something that would push us creatively but also allow us to call the shots.

Well friends, that single afternoon has turned into a 36 page journal! We will plan to produce three a year, being published January, May, & September. This year you can expect to see Bees (currently at the printer as we speak), Water & Wool. We can't wait to show you!

Now for some of the fun parts! We will be hosting giveaways with some products that will show up in the issues. First up, this Spring harvest honey from Waxing Kara. Kara is an artist who uses beeswax in her painting, she cares for her own bees and uses all they have to offer. 

To enter: go to our Instagram account @hartandhoney, regram this photo tagging @hartandhoney and@waxingkara with the hashtag #hhstudygiveaway. Leave us a note if you can to let us know you entered! Best of luck friends! (contest open until 8pm tonight)

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