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what's in our bag / carry on

Well friends, we are on a  tour of Nashville. Photographing so many lovely folks and making new friends. We headed out the door at 5am, good gracious! See what we fly with (cast iron skillet not pictured!) And for your listening pleasure, we've put together a playlist to get us excited about our visit to Music City!

Experience has curbed my overachiever attitude toward all the "free" time I'll have while traveling and so my packing is governed by practicality. Socks and chap stick always at the ready (maybe because I grew up with a lot of old folks?), and my favorite boo-boo cream because I have a way of running into things/biting bugs. And of course my camera nearby; when traveling with film I always have the TSA check it by hand regardless of the ISO. - lily

I generally have these products on me even when I head into the office. I've learned to be able to stay healthy on the go thanks to the need to eat gluten free when no one knew what gluten free was. I always take wellness fizzes, protein bars, fruit, organic tea & spray antibacterial with me, staying healthy on a long flight is tough business. My lululemon scarf stretches to act as a blanket for the plane or a shaw at dinner and my laptop allows me to be efficient with time. Thank goodness for a large carry on! - ashley

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