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HONEY 10 | making time

By now you know that we believe there is such a thing as work-life-balance. While this looks different for every single person, it is possible to be fully involved and devoted at home and simultaneously giving your best at work. Really it boils down to intentionality - being fully present wherever you are - and priorities.

It's also imperative that you plan ahead. This doesn't come very naturally to me but a few years ago my aunt shared a visual that largely impacts the way I schedule things today. She suggested to view the year as a large empty vase. First, she advised placing in your largest rocks -- the events and trips and celebrations that are non-negotiable for you (anniversaries, birthdays, reunions - this is where your priorities come in). Block these off with a bold "do not touch" color on your calendar. Secondly, take time to mark a few pebbles in your schedule -- perhaps a weekend getaway in the midst of your busy season to ensure you take time to recharge and refresh. Maybe this is a monthly girl's night or movie at the park, a weekly yoga class. The pebbles are important but if something comes up, ultimately a little more flexible. They will settle themselves nicely among the larger rocks. Lastly we have all the other things of life. Work, school, duties, errands, the things for which you don't block off time. This brings us to the final addition to the vase, the water - you simply pour into the vessel and it will fill to the brim - but you've preemptively protected your family, your sanity and your spirit by placing in your rocks and pebbles first.

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This activity takes some time; be realistic in your agenda. Don't block off a two-week trip to Europe if you don't have the money or will need those vacation days for Christmas... And make sure you're on the same page with the rest of your family so you can keep each other accountable and encouraged when it's tempting to take on more work. And don't wait until 2015 to implement this practice - it's something I find incredibly helpful on a weekly basis. You can do it.

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