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Honey 09 | caring for your body as a creative

While we have made an effort to slow down this winter we are heading for Spring still feeling a little sluggish. Here are a few tips for caring for yourself that we will be working on accomplishing. (it's so hard but worth it)

Rest  /  Not just our bodies, but our minds as well. Take a mental health day, get outside or have a heart to heart with a friend over coffee. Sometimes it's the only cure when are stuck on a project. 
HH TIP: Try to turn off screens an hour before bed, it helps our minds to slow down and detox from the stimulation.

Eat Well  /  We only have one body, if we care for it well now it will pay off later. We try to eat mostly vegetables, then protein and then carbs. (We also give ourselves grace if there is a special night for family-recipe pound cake.)
HH TIP: Shop the periphery of the grocery store, processed foods have hidden ingredients. Try to make the healthy decision 80% of the time. You can do it!

Exercise  /  Whether it's a 5 mile run or a 20 minute yoga break in between meetings...do a downward dog next to your desk...moving and stretching will do wonders for your physical and mental health.
HH Tip: As the weather warms up a lot of cities offer free classes in parks, Whole Foods even offers free yoga in quite a few locations! We both keep a couple exercise apps on our phone in case we get a brake in our day. (daily yoga app) (Nike Running)

Make Time for People  /  We believe our mental health is just as important as our physical. We challenge you to take time to sit an be with the people you love. Invest in relationships and see how much more encouraged you feel when it's time to get back to the office. 
HH TIP: Mix and match! Cook a healthy meal together with loved ones or take a fast paced walk with your friends while you talk about everything that's on your mind. 


** The start of Hart & Honey came from food photo shoots, we now have an amazing friendship and enjoy cooking "real" meals together. A couple of our healthy recipe shoots below!


Chia Drink

79 Recipe_chia drink3.jpg
74 Recipe_Peach & Cherry Smoothie3.jpg

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