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When Lily and I started working together we both had home offices. Each week we spent a little more time together working at kitchen tables because it felt so refreshing! We had someone to bounce ideas off of, work through email lingo and just take a coffee break with. We felt healthier all around, which led to us getting studio space together. Recognizing that others might be in the same predicamint we sent an invitation to colleagues. And now have a really dynamite group to figure this world of freelance out with! 

design by ashley wilcox, photography by lily glass

design by ashley wilcox, photography by lily glass

Once a month we hold a morning meeting of local freelancers. Inspired by the book The Accidental Creative, we get together to talk shop as well as balance of life. The group is made up of a diverse array of creatives ranging from jewelry to photography. If you are a freelancer, spending day and night at home, we encourage you to reach out to others doing the same and encourage each other. 

Meet some of our friends and check out their fantastic work:

Fumi, MartiTreffryYao, Ben D, Amy,  LindsayChristaAdamAllie,  Ben L,  

Adam & Allie Lehman of The Wonder Jam  (photo by The Wonder Jam)

Adam & Allie Lehman of The Wonder Jam (photo by The Wonder Jam)

Adam & Allie Lehman own The Wonder Jam, they offer a myriad of creative services, real fine folks...and they're the cutest couple around!

Hart & Honey: Memories of being creative as a kid?
Adam: I grew up on a hog farm in Indiana and was the oldest son. At age 9, I took out a small business loan and converted an unused barn into my own to raise 80 hogs a year to sell. For my dad and I, every problem was met with some DIY, maybe-this-will-work concoction. It was equal parts imagination, logic, resourcefulness and common sense.

I built up the confidence in myself that I could tackle anything, even if I had no clue what would happen. For me, creating was always tied to hammering, welding and building and it was always for a purpose. What some people called "art projects," I called "work on a Saturday."

As a person who's not a very skilled with a pen, pencil or paintbrush, it wasn't until later that I learned I'd actually been "creative" my whole life.

How do you take your coffee/tea? 
Allie: Black! No sugar or cream. Unless it's bad coffee :)

Being your own boss can be tricky. What is your favorite thing about being self-employed?
Adam: I get to fix whatever I want, however I want. For years, I'd worked in jobs where I couldn't fix the problems because I wasn't the leader. I'd suggest changes, I'd advocate for progress and even fight to help make things better. In each place, changes happened so, so slow or didn't happen at all. I absolutely LOVE that there is nobody to blame but myself.

If a client isn't paying on-time, it's my fault. If a client isn't happy, or expected something they didn't receive, I can make it right.

What has been challenging and how are you overcoming those challenges?

Allie: Managing my meetings + email inbox. When you create for a living...those two things are huge obstacles. I try my best to keep my inbox under control by using a system that works for me. I use the multiple inboxes feature in gmail to tag emails as "Need to respond," "To-Do," and "Inquires." It allows my main inbox to stay uncluttered. 

I also limit meetings to 2 days per week. I can then create during the remaining 3!

How do you unwind from the busyness of daily life?
Allie: I've been trying to stop staring at some type of screen earlier in the evening. I have also found that a bubble bath, a glass of wine and Netflix does the trick too.

Adam: Sometimes people mistake creatives for needing to go frolic about in a meadow and sketch and dream and play to refresh. I've found the opposite to be quite. My creativity is blue collar. It's long days and working on the weekends, so the amount of time I do get to unwind is invaluable if I'm going to sustain myself.

I've actually found a magical little formula for myself which involves a lot of prayer throughout the day as well as intentional times of imagination. I'd say it's a weird cocktail of meditation, prayer and iPhone reminders. It's all based on Dr. Chris McAlister's book "SightShift: Identity." As a business owner, I need to be able to heal on the run, I don't have time to take weeks, months or thoughtful, contemplative retreats. This daily practice allows me to experience deeply restored and energized in what takes others a weeklong vacation.


Christa Kimble with her little peanut! photo by lily glass

Christa Kimble is a fine art photography with the biggest heart in all the town!

Hart & Honey: Memories of being creative as a kid?
Christa: I remember sitting all by my lonesome at recess, with my sketch book but I was 
happy as a clam! (I got in trouble for doodling in class all the time but I have no regrets
Mrs. Thou-who-shall-not-be-named!)

Number one tip to a freelancer just starting out?
Make freelancer friends! Having someone to talk to who has been there and knows exactly what you’re talking about can make all the difference.

How do you take your coffee?
Cream and sugar... I have a wicked sweet tooth!


Yao Cheng, photo by   Lisa Poggi Photography

Yao Cheng, photo by Lisa Poggi Photography

Meet Yao, a painter who is taking the wedding invitation world by storm!

Hart & Honey: Was there ever a point in your career when you wanted to throw in the towel? Can you describe how you overcame that time and kept going?
Yao: Many times I have wanted to throw in the towel! But, what always keeps me going is painting. When I sit down and paint after, say, a really challenging week, I feel instantly excited again when I watch my ideas come to life. I can’t describe it very well in words as it is a visual experience for me, but it reminds me why I work so hard to do what I do. The excitement and joy I feel from painting just makes me want to share this with others!

Most productive place to work? 
My most productive place to work is definitely my studio space. It’s a room in our house that has 2 large windows that pours in lots of sunlight and I just love being creative there! Over the last year I have been able to really make it my own place to work, create and explore new ideas. I am in my own element there, a space where I can tune everything else out around me and just paint. 

How does working in textiles affect the way you see the world? 
This is an interesting question. I started out as a painting major in college, but I’ve always been keen on geometry and math. It was during the second half of my freshman year that I really started to notice how much pattern ( in nature and man made) there are all around me, and this started my fascination with repetition. Since then, I’ve sort of combined the two in my own way and continues to explore how patterns effect the way we look and respond to the world. 

Being your own boss can be a tricky thing. What is your favorite thing about being
self employed? 

I love that I get full creative control over what I do. I get to choose the projects that excites me the most and go in directions that I am curious about. Being your own boss is by far the hardest thing I have ever done, but also the most incredible and rewarding thing when others recognize my work and how happy it makes them feel!

Fumi Ariga, owner of TriSum Studio  photo by the  ely brothers  for trisum studio #hirethisguy

Fumi Ariga, owner of TriSum Studio photo by the ely brothers for trisum studio #hirethisguy

Meet Fumi, designer, developer and foodie! He pushes us to dig just a little deeper for good answers and keeps us laughing along the way.

Hart & Honey: Where are you gaining inspiration currently?
Fumi: I've been really interested in how people approach problems these days. Some sit until the "perfect" answer pops into their head, some freak out and some just turn left instead of right. I'm always inspired by people with grit (stick to it iveness).

How do you take your coffee/tea?

As mediocre as possible. It's not a bad thing! You can only drink exotic flavored coffee for so long before you have to drink something else. Dunkin Donuts Medium Roast, Whole Beans. Get the big bags from a DD location! We recently gave the new Dunkin Donuts Creamer a try after finishing the last bit of Bailey's. It made us stop drinking coffee, until we got more Bailey's.

English Black with Heart of Ohio Honey.

Number one tip to a freelancer just starting out?
Know why you're doing it and make sure it's worth it

Treffry of Pluma Jewelry, photo by lily glass **see full interview  here

Treffry of Pluma Jewelry, photo by lily glass **see full interview here

Hart & Honey: We are very interested in how creative folk balance work + family. You have a little one, a loving husband and an adorable pup, what things do you do to ensure you and your husband have quality time together?
Treffry: Oh gosh, that can be a tough one with a toddler.  I would say unplug.  Turn off the T.V., the laptop, the ipad. It’s tempting after her bedtime for us to hit the couch and veg out by watching T.V. or looking at the internet but that’s not quality time together. Fun activities as a family are so fulfilling too.   When we all experience something new together as a family it certainly brings my husband and I closer together.  There’s nothing like it.

Memories of being creative as a kid?
Well, I have always loved rocks. I was constantly picking them up and bringing them home. I also remember when we were all into making friendship bracelets.  I remember pinning the threads to the leg of my pants and working so hard on tying the knots and laying out the pattern. We loved those silly things.

Amy Hamilton, photo by Lily Glass **see full interview  here

Amy Hamilton, photo by Lily Glass **see full interview here

Hart & Honey: We are very interested in how creative folk balance work + family. What things do you do to ensure you and your husband have quality time together?
Amy: Paul and I create opportunities to work together as often as possible. For example, we went to Venice a couple of years ago to celebrate our 20th anniversary and we used the trip as a source of inspiration for a fashion show/ art exhibit we did together at the Hammond Harkins Gallery in Bexley. My designs were inspired by all the color & texture of Venice and Paul's paintings featured the iconic canals and bridges of the city. We also had an exhibit at the Franklin Park Conservatory that was inspired by flowers a few years ago. Currently, we're designing a new home together!

What is your idea of a perfect lunch?
Eating an amazing lunch in Sedona with my girlfriends in late winter!

What other mediums do you like to dabble in?
I love photography and styling photo shoots- luckily both of which I can incorporate into my millinery business!

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