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Study | The Sea Issue "Best Of"

As we are wrapping up Issue 3 of Study to send to the printers I've been looking back at the last issue. We had some killer images that really talented people submitted. I am amazing at our growing community of new friends thanks to this project. Here is a peek for those of you who did get to see it in print. 

Alicia White  (Montenegro)

Alicia White (Montenegro)

Alicia White  (Slovenia)

Alicia White (Slovenia)

Lily Glass Photography  / (California)

Lily Glass Photography / (California)

Bea Helman  (Charleston Pier)

Bea Helman (Charleston Pier)

Fiona Andersen  (New Zealand)

Fiona Andersen (New Zealand)

Abby Hester (The Gulf Coast)

Abby Hester (The Gulf Coast)

Virginia Petitte  (Thailand)

Virginia Petitte (Thailand)

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