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HART 16 | be inspired by doing

I am in a rut, a creative stand still if you will, and it's torture. For better or worse I've been traveling at least once a month and somehow each time come back feeling exhausted and a little under the weather. So I sit here today with three big projects to be working on and my first thought was to get on Pinterest, I mean, I am rushed and this seems like the most practical option. I'm disappointed in myself. Let me explain...

I went to an art school that took inspiration from the Bauhaus movement. The buildings were plain, interesting design but a blank slate. By the end of the year the departments had worked carefully on their craft while also working with one another to create amazing displays. By May the campus felt holistic and beautiful. However, there were eight months of problem solving, sketches, research, thrown out drafts, and really hard critiques that resulted is such beautiful work.

Yet somehow I am going to Pinterest, getting a quick glimpse of lovely work and then trying to create a final that isn't inspiring. I'm missing the middle, the sketches and paint swatches and really bad work that leads to work I'm proud of. I need to do more than look. I am working on getting back to my roots, true inspiration and problem solving comes from actually working towards a final product, not just idealizing it. 

Today I am pulling out my paints, I can't find the perfect font so I will hand letter my own. If it looks terrible I will throw it out and be one step closer to work that I am proud of. I hope this comes as an encouragement to you to roll up your sleeves and allow you mind to take off as your hands get to work. 

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