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things we love right now

Being best buds separated by miles of land, we're big fans of Call Your Girlfriend : A Podcast for Long Distance Besties Everywhere. Long-time friends Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow spend each episode catching up, discussing current events, and provide a useful lesson in abbrevs (that's abbreviations). Turn it on anytime you want to feel like you've just talked with your gal-pals. 

In her most recent After The Jump podcast, Grace Bonney speaks about creating unique content for the new online world, providing specific examples for every social platform. We like specific examples.

Jen Gotch, the person. The beauty and sass behind shop.bando has been our instagram role-model for a while now. 

Tennies and black jeans.  ben's birthday cake with whiskey frosting that was two emoji thumbs up. We tried these oysters together during our trip to Seattle and have been on a West Coast oyster kick ever since.

Our latest epic instagram rabbit-hole lead us to the fabulous feed of @she_explores. Gale documents her year-long North American roadtrip with her husband at the same time celebrating and sharing stories of other like-minded female explores on this blog. Beautiful imagery and brave folks -- vicarious living at its finest.

It's Fall now and our sweaters (of varying thicknesses appropriate for Los Angeles and Ohio, respectively), are out and ready for cuddles. We recommend this candle for an autumnal scent that will make you cuddle up and feel as if you just went camping without the sore I-slept-on-a-rock feeling. And for goodness sake let's reign in the use of the word "vibe" okay?

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