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HART 04 | saying no

So often I talk to other creatives who have plenty of work (yay!), but feel overwhelmed and exhausted because it isn't work that they enjoy  (boo-hiss). It is so tempting to say "yes" to everything that comes your way, especially when you're starting out and building a portfolio. When I first began my photography business, I all too often found myself creating specific collections in photoshop just minutes after receiving an inquiry. Then I quickly realized that I didn't love shooting pets or senior portraits or architecture (whhaaat??)... and my work reflected that. So, a few things I've learned about doing more of what I love and less of what I don't --

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Network :  When you build genuine relationships with folks in your specific medium, it's so easy to say "thanks for your inquiry -- I don't shoot seniors but I can highly recommend my friends x,y, and z." Here you've done two things : 1) broken down the nasty "every-man-for-himself" mindset by encouraging camaraderie (a favor likely to be returned), and 2) hopefully shortened the search process for this potential client, making their experience with you a positive one so that you're the first to pop in their minds when they need your particular service. 

Put yourself  out there. For many creative fields, our work requires lots of client-creator interaction so it's preferable that you actually get along. When you share your personal interests/tastes/vacations/experiences you relate to potential clients on a new level, giving them more opportunity to connect with you and if folks don't like it, you've successfully weeded out the population that you'd rather not work with (and thereby reducing the amount of no's you have to give!). 

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Find ways to do what you love. This is not me telling you to do work for free but encouraging you to be intentional about finding this work, even if it means creating it yourself (i.e. styled shoots, trading services, referral gifts for clients you really loved, etc.). Ashley and I are doing work we enjoy together and on a regular basis because 16 months ago we each reached out, traded services and pursued our shared interests. 

Ask yourself : what kind of client do I want to attract?  Am I showing only the work that will attract my ideal client?  

When you're able to honestly say I don't love that or that's not where my strengths lie, you've freed up your time for the things you love and avoided the headache of working with someone who hired you because they needed "x" not because they loved YOUR  work. The process, the final product and both your own and the client's experience will reflect this. 


images by  Lily Glass  for  Ginger and Birch  shot on Kodak Portra 400 

images by Lily Glass for Ginger and Birch shot on Kodak Portra 400 

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