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Hart & Honey: We are very interested in how creative folk balance work + family. What things do you do to ensure you and your husband have quality time together?
Amy: Paul and I create opportunities to work together as often as possible. For example, we went to Venice a couple of years ago to celebrate our 20th anniversary and we used the trip as a source of inspiration for a fashion show/ art exhibit we did together at the Hammond Harkins Gallery in Bexley. My designs were inspired by all the color & texture of Venice and Paul's paintings featured the iconic canals and bridges of the city. We also had an exhibit at the Franklin Park Conservatory that was inspired by flowers a few years ago. Currently, we're designing a new home together!

What is your idea of a perfect lunch?
Eating an amazing lunch in Sedona with my girlfriends in late winter!

What other mediums do you like to dabble in?
I love photography and styling photo shoots- luckily both of which I can incorporate into my millinery business!

Where are you gaining inspiration currently?
Shiny white rope! I've been unraveling and deconstructing strands of rope, weaving the fibers into a basket weave pattern and then creating a fabric material to make headpieces. It's very labor intensive, but the results are amazing!

Memories of being creative as a kid?
I never really had art supplies in my home when I was a child, but I could always find some paper and I LOVED making paper dolls!

Being your own boss can be a tricky thing. What is your favorite thing about being self employed?
Working towards my dream. I'd much rather work towards building my dream than to work to build someone else's!


Was there ever a point in your career when you wanted to throw in the towel? Can you describe how you overcame that time and kept going?
Absolutely! Living in a small town in the country can sometimes prevent a challenge when trying to sell custom millinery and I became totally frustrated and burned out. So I decided to take the focus off of selling my hats and put it on sharing my knowledge with others. Once I opened my studio up to share what I've learned over the years, the love of millinery came flowing back to me. People have come from all over the country to take my workshops which has been such a huge compliment! I am always end the workshops feeling so inspired and fulfilled!

How does being a milliner affect the way you see the world?
Hats add a little lightheartedness to any day. My customers come to me to design them a hat that express who they are or who they want to be for fun occasions like weddings, luncheons and derby.  Being a millinery has taught me the importance to lighten up and have fun regardless of whether I'm wearing a hat or not!

What is your favorite hat accessory at the moment?
I'm currently in the throws of designing a bridal collection for a trunk show at the Charles Penzone Grand Salon in Gahanna in early October and I've just completed a line for weddingsbespoke.com! So at the moment I'm loving anything textural, white and sparkly!


If you could design a hat for one person (living or passed), who would it be?
May I pick two? Kate Middleton & Audrey Hepburn

How do you take your coffee/tea
Strong black coffee in the morning and sencha tea in the afternoon

Most productive place to work
7p in my studio, wearing my pj's and watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia!

Favorite album to listen to while burning the midnight oil
French Cafe Radio on Pandora

How do you friends/family encourage you
I'm very close with my mother and sister and talk to them both a couple times a week.
They have been thru all of the up's and down's of my business over the years and deserve
a huge credit for all my success.


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