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HONEY 03 | stop comparing

In this social media world where we are consumed by only the select information people want to provide, it can be hard to not feel like everyone else has "made it." Their lives and careers and brilliant ideas have taken off and they always look so damn-well put together....  We quickly become convinced that our work will never measure up, our clients will never love us that much and our creative-buck stops here. 

In his book The Accidental Creative , Todd Henry suggests : "It's only when we are free to abandon our need to measure up and instead simply trust our abilities that we will begin to see real creative brilliance emerge." When we have comparison-eyes on, we become blind to the endless solutions to one problem. We see instead one individual's resolution and assume it's all been done before. 

What if our attitude was slightly different? What if we celebrated with those who succeed and offered a shoulder to those who are struggling creatively? Because we've all been there and have a "I wish someone would have told me" story. There is a wealth of knowledge where creative folk come together.


Hart and Honey Collective, Columbus Ohio Graphic design and photography

We have the opportunity to create an honest dialogue in which we are free share our struggles and frustrations (this is not a complain-fest, mind you), with like-minded people in hopes to sharpen one another. This dialogue can take place in person over coffee or even in the midst of your pretty instagram feed --  be real and be honest. Be glad for the success of others and sensitive to those in a season of frustration. Be the first to reach out.

And be you. Stop comparing. 

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