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hart 02 | the journey


Our love of the word "hart" came when we learned that in medieval times a fully matured stag, ready to be hunted was called a hart. The idea that we are in that mature stage in our businesses and ready to take on the world is a lovely concept.

However, that feeling is fleeting, comes and goes too often to commit. To be honest, my natural reaction was to add a couple years to the waiting time, "in a two years I will be a better designer", "in three years I will be more financially ready" and so on. The reality is that it's a little like having kids, I'm not sure you are ever fully ready. But that is where the adventure comes in. Why wait when the the road from point A to point B is so exciting? We recognized that this risk was going to be a hard, figure-it-out-along-the-way kind of a leap. But we also had vision, an understanding that the process would be a lovely, exciting, beautiful adventure. 

Time doesn't stop, and life is too short. We want to take advantage of opportunities, we want to see the beauty in failure as well as the beauty in success. We want to be thankful for friends and family who pick us up when we have a set backs and toast with us when we have celebrations. We want to commit to the "hart" journey, the process of becoming mature. 


community photo booth // july 2

Hart + Honey Open House

Hart + Honey Open House