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HART 01 | An Introduction to Honesty

We're so glad you're here. Welcome to our little space of the interwebs where we'll be sharing our thoughts on collaboration, inspiration, creative drive, the logistics of entrepreneurship and of course, pretty pictures.

At our Grand Opening last weekend (which was the bomb.com), several folks posed the question : "so which of you is hart and which of you is the honey? " A fair question indeed. 


Ideally, we are each equal parts. Any entrepreneur/artist has to be. In order to pursue your dreams, your passion, your craft, it is necessary to be simultaneously incredibly driven (hart), and sincerely passionate (honey). Too much hart and your work suffers, it looses honesty and vulnerability. Too much honey and nothing gets done.

Twice a month we'll be posting a Hart column in which we explore the nitty-gritty behind the creative process and a Honey column where we hope to encourage and inspire your work -- a little virtual high-five, if you will. 

We began H+H because we've seen positive things happen when folks come together to create. People thrive when they're working in/with/around each other. The adage that two are better than one is so true in the creative community  -- it is crucial to surround yourself with like-minded individuals who encourage you, inspire you, sharpen and push you. We find accountability with one another not to settle, to think big but also remind each other to focus on the now, on what needs to be accomplished today in order to reach those big dreams. 

It's our desire to share an honest, first-hand account of this new adventure. Big dreams don't just happen and it's not rainbows and unicorn-butterfies the whole way. We want to share what we do right and what we could have done better because we realize that we're not competing with one another but desire to make the creative community a stronger one. In this digital age, it's so easy to provide social media with only the best and the prettiest, portraying a false sense of "put-togetherness." Sometimes we're a hot mess, y'all, so get ready. May this be an encouragement to you to be honest with yourself and the folks around you so you strengthen one another and push each other on in your pursuits.

And thank you for coming alongside with your support, encouragement and real-life high-fives. xo


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