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HART 07 | calculated courage

If you weren't with us when we started you might have missed the meaning of "hart". We chose to use this word in our name for good reason. A "hart" is stag, generally at least 5 years of age. In medieval times it would be considered at the proper matured stage of life to be hunted, a proper fight if you will. (sorry vegetarians…it gets better) We felt (or hoped) that our businesses were ready for the next level, ready to be strong and fast…and courageous. 

Courage that begins with training, hard work, actual time put into getting better is calculated courage. 

When I think about the name "hart" I think of the ladies that participated in our Pop-Up shop this weekend. They all had the courage to make a product and put it out for the world to have an opinion on (we all know the world can be down-right mean). They all put in the hours to make sure that their product was something they were proud of. Treffry, Nichole & Samantha are hard workers, courageous and lovely people. Two of those ladies (Nichole & Sam) actually debuted their work on Saturday …both of which pretty much sold out. {cue applause}

all image by lily glass for hart & honey

all image by lily glass for hart & honey

One person's courage can result in the encouragement of others. As I start another week, I am grateful for these ladies, their courage, their hard work and the snowball effect that has on those around them!

Cheers to you ladies! 


**send us your stores of being courageous in business!

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